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Postbank Bulgaria

Mobile Banking Design Concept

We recently worked on a project for redesign of the Postbank Bulgaria Mobile Banking App. Exploring new and modern design vision for the mobile banking was the goal of this project.

After conducting an in-depth user research the problems of the current design were identified. It turned out that Postbank mobile banking users are in general satisfied with their mobile banking experience. The research results showed that users are experiencing some difficulties with the visual appearance of the way their bank accounts are linked to their cards. The procedure for ordering a money transfer between accounts was stated as unnecessary complicated, especially the transfers between own accounts. An interesting finding is the missing option for easily requesting a payment from another user.

After carefully analyzing the research data a design concept was created focusing on the user and his needs.

The redesinged mobile banking app is essentially based on the existing application. It includes many new features such as virtual cards, NFC payments option, payment request generator with QR code and also access to the bank's investment services.

Client - Postbank Bulgaira

Designer - Georgi Tonchev

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