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Mutual Fund Investment Platform

Monett is an ambitious Romanian FinTech start-up for online distribution of mutual funds. It is aiming at creating a sophisticated personal wealth management digital service.

The start-up is a collaboration between the Bulgarian software development companany "BG Web Soft Ltd." and the Romanian investment intermediary "Goldring SSIF". The product will be launched for the Romanian financial market.

Monett is basically a mutual fund trading platform and as such it is essential for the application to present the performance of the user's investments in a digital portfolio and offer a marketplace for all the distributed mutual funds. There should be detailed information about the benefits and risks of every possible investment.

Users can make single direct investments in mutual funds or start their own investment plans with monthly installments according to their preference.

There are various investment tools available for the user to simulate investment and compare different mutual funds and their performance and expected profits. Pension calculators and financial health status evaluator is also part of the app's features.

In order for Monett to be the best product of its kind on the market, it is going to offer a very sophisticated Robo Advisor. It will help users make the best investment decisions according to their pre-measured investment profile. The Robo Advisor will prevent users from making risky investments and help them maximize their profits.

Monett is about money, not art! It is about increasing personal wealth!

Client - SSFI Goldring

Designer - Georgi Tonchev

Partners - Reiffeisenbank

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